Sunday, March 24, 2013


Why constrain myself - and my new blog - in a hallway metaphor?  I'll ask you to step outside of the skinny, obstructive, poorly lit, aesthetically mundane corridor and envision with me a life lived with an awareness of parameters. I know that there are a lot of opportunities in life (I'll even admit to diving head first into a few), but I'm no longer naive enough to believe that choices can only be made in context. This is why I've chosen to name my blog after a hallway I'm hoping you'll continue to access.

I will travel to as many topics as I can fit into a day, but I mainly write about education, politics, kids and technology (when I find or accomplish something particularly amazing).  To continue my title's metaphor, as I'm walking my hallway (life, work as an Assistant Principal, Twitter and Diigo PLNs, family activities, etc) and see the variety of topics at hand, I'll choose to open certain doors, keep doors closed and - at times - save some doors for later.

My hope for this effort is to come to an acceptable understanding about items, express my frustrations over not getting something or write empathetically with the recognition that there's nothing to be fully known and/or done about a moment.

I hope you're interested enough to read and respond when you get the chance.